I had the privilege of receiving QHHT for the first time this week, and am so glad I entrusted my healing journey to Arthur. The experience was transformative, uplifting, healing, energising, clarifying and soul-enriching, and quite unlike anything I've experienced before. Arthur has a genuine gift and passion for this work. He is also very easy to talk to and a total professional. I recommend arriving with an open, calm and positive mindset; the more relaxed you are, the more valuable your session will be! Everybody should go Build some BLISS...


Whakatane, New Zealand

Arthur is a great guide to help you journey through your past lives. I felt comfortable and at ease, talking to my 'Higher Self' helped me make some big decisions, and helped [me] deal with things from my past and for that, I'm eternally great-full.


Whakatane, New Zealand

Arthur was a very good and highly recommended facilitator of the QHHT session. It was a very worthwhile experience and [I] learned a lot from my 'Higher Self' in regards to past lives and most of the questions I wanted to ask were answered and gave me something to go on. I definitely highly recommend a QHHT session with Arthur, very good quality video and audio recording too. Arthur is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Thanks heaps Arthur.


Whakatane, New Zealand

Professional, respectful and empowering. Everyone would benefit from doing [QHHT] at least once.


Whakatane, New Zealand

Arthur offers a safe and healing experience. I initially felt a bit nervous about being hypnotised, but it was very relaxing once I was in the session. The insight that I gained through this work was empowering and beneficial. It answered many questions and also gave me clear direction on ways to support my journey forward. I'm already referring friends and family in for their QHHT appointments too.


Whakatane, New Zealand

Thank you so much for the opportunity it's been amazing. Lots more has come forward for me and the opening of the third eye channel is brilliant, I'm hearing messages from loved ones. I've watched the [QHHT] session twice and [listened to the] audio once and more clarity and understanding has come over details of the past lives. I'm feeling so much more positive knowing I'm on the right path. Thank you.


Whakatane, New Zealand

I was rather hesitant at how long [the QHHT] therapy takes, but wow the time flies and what a lot of knowledge and healing I got out of my session. Arthur is truly a great person to facilitate these treatments and I will recommend everyone I know to go to him for a session.


Whakatane, New Zealand

I had no idea what to expect in a QHHT session and was a little nervous going into it; largely due to the session length. However, Arthur was very easygoing and his warmth put me at ease right away. And one of the biggest surprises was just how quickly those hours flew! I got a lot out of the session and would recommend it to anyone but in particular, those like me who get flashes of insight but don't trust this and don't listen! For me, the experience has helped me to have faith in and trust my inner knowing far more. There were a few specific things in the session that have helped me to view 'traumatic' life events differently and this has been invaluable. Furthermore, having it all recorded is a wonderful resource to go back to when the doubts creep back in. I recommend the QHHT experience, and particularly doing this with Arthur as his calming yet fun presence was a key factor in being able to relax for me. Thank you, Arthur!


New Zealand

Beginning my first ever experience undergoing a QHHT session I felt nervous at first as the process was quite unfamiliar and new, but Arthur has a calm, friendly and respectful approach that puts you at ease. As a facilitator of this type of therapy, I found that I was able to innately trust in Arthur's technique and the process itself, which in my opinion, allowed me to gain amazing and empowering insight into what I learnt about myself both during and after the session.


I am grateful for the opportunity to have experienced QHHT in a safe and beautiful environment with a gifted facilitator with an amazing soul. I recommend to those who have unanswered questions about yourself to consider experiencing something like this, it could reveal amazing things about yourself you never knew and be beneficial for your life journey as it was for mine. love and light xx


New Zealand

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