Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a relaxing, non-invasive health option for those who wish to understand the ‘true’ cause of health issues and emotional discomfort and begin the well-deserved healing journey. QHHT sessions have no set time limit but can be up to 4 hours in length on average.


QHHT is an option providing you:


· Are 18+ years of age

· DO NOT suffer from schizophrenia

· DO NOT suffer from multiple personality disorder


Please note: Surrogate QHHT sessions are an option for a parent or guardian with a dependent under 18 years of age who's health or wellbeing is of concern to you. Surrogate QHHT sessions allow the parent or guardian to participate in a QHHT session with the goal of connecting to the 'Higher Self' of the dependent, explore the healing possible and encourage that journey on behalf of the dependent.


Contact us to discuss the surrogate 'QHHT' option further or Book Online with us today.


QHHT offers you the opportunity to receive unfiltered information directly from your Higher Self to naturally restore the balance of your physical, emotional/mental and energetic self - with results potentially being immediate.


Your subconscious is extremely powerful and provides answers to the dis-ease and illness you have experienced or continue to experience.


In a safe, relaxed and private setting, you are guided into a 'Theta' brainwave state via visualisation and you may experience events from your current life or past lives. This is how your subconscious presents information and the deep personal insights and realisations available to you. Also, the important release of negative events, emotions or attachments may take place during the process increasing the positive potential of your future.


It’s not uncommon for clients to recall their entire QHHT session, but this does vary from person to person.


QHHT Session Structure


1. Connecting Conversation - 1hour

(Getting to know each other & the QHHT process)



2. Induction/Session - 2.5hours

(Exploring current life, past lives, and healing to be done)



3. Post-session Review - 30min

(Reflecting on the healing received)


All QHHT sessions are digitally recorded and directly supplied to the client immediately after the session. This allows the client to experience their session as many times as required to gain further insights and healing.

You can expect to leave with:

- One High Definition video (mp4 format) and one audio file (mp3 format) of your QHHT session​


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