Angelic Sacred Reiki is a combination of Sacred Divine Usui Angelic Frequencies and the Japanese technique called 'Reiki', forming a very relaxing and safe holistic approach for total mind, body and spirit healing. Due to its energetic nature, this non-invasive health option requires very little physical contact between Client and Practitioner, and it's possible for benefits to be felt immediately.



Angelic Sacred Reiki can be performed on anyone who is open and willing to receive it. Even children and animals may receive this relaxing experience for increased wellbeing.


Angelic Sacred Reiki is a wonderful way to reduce stress, rebalance energies and dramatically increase your sense of wellbeing via this very calming modality.


As energy beings experiencing a physical life we often get distracted from our own energetic state and after a while physical ailments can manifest over long or short periods of time.


In a protected and grounded space, we use energy and the power of intention to encourage your body to release toxic energies. This allows for a healthier flow of energy which then has a positive impact on any recovery of any current or underlying ailments about to manifest.


Clients receiving this treatment will sometimes feel heat, a deep state of relaxation, waves travelling through their body, body twitching as energies are released, or even see many lights in their minds eye as this relaxing process occurs.


Anyone seeking peaceful time out to relax whilst rebalancing their energies, this is the experience for you. Angelic Sacred Reiki can be provided over 30mins (Half Session) or 60mins (Full Session) depending on your schedule and how deep you wish to relax.

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